CSN Foundation Board of Trustees

The College of Southern Nevada Foundation is honored these community leaders have joined us in our commitment to students first through philanthropy.

Their knowledge, expertise, philanthropy and advocacy provide CSN and Foundation with valuable insights that help create strategy, and open doors. Each Board member makes an annual contribution to the Foundation and supports special campaigns through personal and corporation giving in addition to community outreach on behalf of CSN students.

2020-2021 Board of Trustees

Edgar Patino

Business Optimization and Innovation, NV Energy
Chair, CSN Foundation Board
Chair, Executive Committee
Audit and Finance Committee 

I’ve proudly served on the CSN Foundation board of trustees since 2008. It has been a pleasure to contribute my time to an organization and a college that diligently works to develop a capable workforce for our southern Nevada economy while creating pathways to prosperity for our amazing students.

Creating opportunities for students and helping many of them overcome adversity and financial obstacles is at the core of why I choose to give back. And with the long-standing and generous support of my employer, NV Energy, I’ve been able to volunteer and support Foundation initiatives that have changed lives, created careers, and re-launched new ones. Most everyone I know has a personal, family or professional connection to CSN. The college is an integral part of our community and is at the forefront of writing the next chapter of Nevada’s bright future.

Photo of James York

James York

CEO and President, Valley Bank of Nevada
Immediate Past Chair,
CSN Foundation Board member

Executive Committee
Audit and Finance Committee 

I am the President and CEO of Valley Bank of Nevada and its founding principal, where I chartered the first and only bank in my home town of North Las Vegas. My decision to serve on the CSN Foundation Board of Trustees some ten years ago was a direct correlation to my own personal experience.  I was born and raised in North Las Vegas and attended Rancho High School as one of ten children.  I am the first in my family to graduate from college and CSN is where I started my collegiate career and learned to believe in myself and my abilities.
College was never spoken of or encouraged in my home.  After beginning a banking career in 1983, I learned that a college degree was going to be required to advance my career.  I have since graduated from CSN and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas and the Pacific Coast Banking School at the University of Washington.
I am married to a college educated wife and have raised two valedictorians, who will also be college graduates, one has graduated and one is still attending.
CSN has helped change the course of my entire family’s education and will surely impact the course of my family for generations to come.
I want to give other underprivileged young people in our community the same opportunity and generational life changing experience that I was given and CSN can help provide that.


Photo of Jeff Cooper

Jeffrey Cooper

Partner, Rubin Brown
Treasurer, CSN Foundation Board
Chair, Audit and Finance Committee  

As a native of Las Vegas, I am committed to the continued growth and prosperity of our community.  I believe that CSN provides opportunities for those who want to improve themselves and contribute to our growing economy.  The breadth and quality of the CSN offerings are amazing.  I am proud to support such a worth mission and institution.

Photo of Matthew Frazier

Matthew Frazier

Philanthropist, Trustee, John C. Kish Foundation
Secretary, CSN Foundation Board
Executive Committee 

As a part of the greater Las Vegas community, I am honored to serve on the CSN Foundation Board.  Besides the role of oversight and ambassador, I see myself as a catalyst for fundraising. CSN has affected many lives in southern NV, particularly the segment of our population that are seeking trade certifications and licensing that meet the needs of our local economy; all the while providing it at reasonable costs and convenience.  Go Coyotes!
I serve as a trustee of the John C. Kish Foundation and founder of The Social CirKISH Foundation, which is a program created to promote the physical and social development of at-risk youth through the exploration and participation of circus skills.

I have a BA in History from Brigham Young University followed with a JD (Jurisdoctorate) from The University of Utah College of Law.  I have always had a passion for non-profit work and being active in the community. I also serve on the following Boards: UNLV, The  Smith Center for The Performing Arts, The Animal Foundation, The College of Southern Nevada, The Public Education Foundation and Advisory Board for The Vegas Golden Knights.


Photo of Reed Radosevich

Reed Radosevich

Director Client Development, Northern Trust
CSN Foundation Board Member
Chair, Governance Committee
Executive Committee

I serve on the CSN Foundation board because I believe that education is critical for people to be successful in life.  CSN has the broadest outreach of all the higher learning institutions in Nevada and has the greatest impact on our economy.  Being part of the Foundation board allows me to use my community connections to bring a greater awareness of how CSN can positively impact our workforce.  It is also a joy to meet the students and see the impact that a quality education has made on their lives and careers.  I hope that being involved with the Foundation I can help make a difference in the students’ lives and better our community.

Photo of Chris Collins

J. Chris Collins

VP Systems Transformation, Schneider ElectricDigital Energy Division
CSN Foundation Board member 

Serving on the CSN Foundation Board is very personal to me.  Having started my career in a technician van, I had the opportunity thru education to advance and grow in my industry.  Today, as a hiring manager and Vice President for a global energy company, I have observed the shortage of technical skilled labor entering the work force.   The programs provided at CSN have the potential to significantly change a family’s socioeconomic status upon graduation.  There are good paying jobs available, and waiting to be filled, that CSN graduates are extremely qualified to get hired for after graduation.  I chose to serve on the board because no CSN student should have to discontinue their education or not pursue their career due to financial issues.  It’s our job to make sure that anyone who has the desire, commitment, and passion to pursue a career in their chosen field has the opportunity.


Photo of John Hester

John Hester

President and CEO, SW Gas
CSN Foundation Board member
Audit and Finance Committee

The College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Foundation is a great organization providing significant philanthropic financial support to students, and I am proud to have been a board member for several years. CSN provides a unique opportunity for students to pursue their educational and occupational goals by accessing expert instruction and personal development opportunities at a very reasonable cost: the value proposition provided by CSN to its students is unparalleled.

As a resident of Southern Nevada for over 30 years, I’ve seen first hand the very positive impact that CSN has made educating and training a well-qualified workforce that will allow our community to continue to grow and prosper, while providing meaningful and rewarding careers for individuals and their families. The financial support provided to students by the CSN Foundation facilitates these positive outcomes to the benefit of our entire community, and I’m honored to be part of the team helping advance that effort.


Chuck Johnston

President, B&P Advertising
CSN Foundation Board member
Marketing Committee

I’m proud to be a member of the CSN Foundation Board of Trustees for many reasons.

As a native Las Vegan who attended high school and college in Nevada, I believe it’s my duty to serve the community that has been so good to me and my family. During my years on the CSN Foundation Board, I’ve found that supporting our community college is a great way to give back.

I’m also proud to support access to education here in my hometown. Especially during these trying times, we’ve learned that education has never been more essential for us as individuals and for Southern Nevada as a community.

As the owner of a local advertising and public relations firm, I see the value of a quality education every day in our business and in our dealings with clients, consumers, community leaders and others.

I realize that not everyone can afford a four-year degree from a university – even here in Nevada, where tuition costs are still relatively affordable. Since 1971, CSN has provided a quality and affordable education that has bettered the lives of untold thousands of Nevadans, including those who attended to learn a valuable skill or trade.


This is all the more reason to support the College of Southern Nevada. As the state’s largest and most ethnically diverse higher education institution, CSN has played a huge role in shaping Southern Nevada and will play an even greater part in our future. I can think of no more deserving cause.


Laura Lee

Chief Human Resource Officer, MGM Resorts International
CSN Foundation Board member 

I am fortunate to serve on the CSN Foundation Board; the education of our community is the most critical thing we can do to support the future growth of Las Vegas. CSN is an essential educational resource to Nevada, and the Foundation allows for the continued improvement of services and learning opportunities.

In the words of Nelson Mandela – “ Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”  CSN does just that.  It offers our employees flexibility to continue their education, so they grow both personally and professionally.  The vast workforce development opportunities allow us to hire qualified candidates, improving our business, and provides our current employees to upskill or reskill, making their professional dreams come true.  

Photo David I Garcia

David I. Garcia

Regional Market Lead, JP Morgan Chase
CSN Foundation Board member 

I serve on the College of Southern Nevada (CSN) Foundation Board because CSN is a diverse, dynamic, comprehensive college committed to each student’s success through innovative leadership, excellence in teaching and learning, and the cultural enrichment of the entire southern Nevada community which it serves. CSN’s student body includes many who are the first in their family to go to college and provides a strong platform for those seeking to improve their life.

The College of Southern Nevada’s students play a critical role in the economic cycle of southern Nevada’s economy, providing entry level workers and incumbent workers with the skills and knowledge needed to perform the high demand jobs which will in turn provide these skilled workers wages to improve their standard of living while providing economic growth to our regional economy.

Photo Daniel Minella

Daniel Minella

VP Western Region, DynTek
CSN Foundation Board member 

It is an honor to serve on CSN’s Foundation Board.  CSN is a community treasure because they make a top-notch education accessible through classes that are relevant, flexible, and affordable.  Education is the great equalizer and CSN provides the opportunity for any community member to learn and better themselves.  I joined the Board because I want support and amplify the Foundation’s mission to graduate students debt-free through philanthropy.

In addition, as a veteran in the information technology industry, I am extremely proud of the STEM focus and innovation at CSN.  The college is preparing students to enter the market in high-growth areas such as cybersecurity, data science, engineering, and more.  Creating local talent only bolsters our region’s burgeoning tech sector and creates a positive economic impact.

Our endeavors to support students at CSN is a community effort, with a positive community impact.  I am excited to contribute in any way I can.

Photo Paul Moffat

Paul Moffat

President, Arista Wealth Management
CSN Foundation Board member 

Paul is the CEO and Founder of Arista Wealth Management.  He provides consulting services to public and private institutions as well as high-net-worth families. Paul is proud to have received the 2019 and 2017 Five Star Wealth Manager Award. In 2017, Arista Wealth Management was named a Financial Times Top 300 Ranked Advisory Firm in the United States and manages nearly $500 million in assets. 

Paul has 22 years of experience in investment consulting.  He received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Managerial Finance from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and his MBA from Pepperdine University in Malibu, CA. Paul is a Registered Accredited Investment Fiduciary (AIF®) through Fi360 and is a candidate for the Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) certification.

Paul has served the Las Vegas and National communities for many years as the Vice President of Finance & Endowment for the local Boy Scouts of America council. He serves as the National Religious Relations Chairman overseeing 600,000 youth in the United States for the Boy Scouts of America. He also serves as a Foundation Trustee for the College of Southern Nevada. Paul and his wife, Kathryn, have been married for more than 28 years and have three sons, Tyler, Jacob, and Andrew, and their first grandson Bradley.

Marco Robles

Executive Director, Cardenas Markets Foundation
CSN Foundation Board member 

Photo Lindy Schumacher

Lindy Schumacher

CEO, Fulfillment Fund Las Vegas
CSN Foundation Board member
Audit and Finance Committee

I serve on CSN’s Board because we serve the community we live in and the community we strive to become. CSN listens to the students and meets the students where they need us.

Photo Terry Shirey

Terry Shirey

President and CEO, Nevada State Bank
Vice Chair, CSN Foundation
Executive Committee
Audit and Finance Committee

CSN serves an invaluable mission in our community. The future of our city depends on economic development, diversification of our economy and providing skills to our population necessary to do the jobs of the future. The Foundation’s efforts are critical to CSN’s mission in providing opportunities for Southern Nevadans to enrich their lives through meaningful careers.

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