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Scholarships - Frequently Asked Questions
Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding the CSN Foundation Scholarships, Application and Process. Click the questions below to learn more about each topic.

If you have additional questions about scholarships or the application, please contact the Foundation office at foundation@csn.edu or 702-651-7738.

Who is eligible for CSN Foundation scholarships?

Unless otherwise specified, scholarships are for students enrolled in college level courses and in a degree seeking program (current high school students do not qualify).

How do you select scholarship recipients?

Generally, scholarships are awarded based on students meeting the basic eligibility requirements.  If the scholarship requires an essay then the quality of your scholarship application is also taken into consideration.

How will I be notified?

Scholarship recipients will receive an award letter through their MyCSN account. Recipients must complete requirements for final acceptance.

When will I be notified?

Scholarship offers will begin going out the end of May and will continue throughout the summer.  Continue to check your MyCSN communication center for notifications.

When are scholarships disbursed?

Scholarships are disbursed about two weeks before the start of the semester.

Will I be notified if I am not selected for a scholarship?

No, we will not be reaching out to students who did not receive a scholarship.  This is an ongoing process, if any recipients happen to not accept the initial offers made, we will be offering to the next alternate student on the list.

What are the requirements after receiving a scholarship?

Review your MyCSN award notification for specific details regarding your scholarship award. Recipients must continue to meet scholarship criteria in order to receive their disbursement.

How is financial need determined?

Financial need for need-based scholarships must be evidenced through the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) process. 

How are scholarships disbursed?

Unless otherwise specified, scholarships are disbursed in two equal payments upon fall and spring semester enrollment into your student account.

Are scholarships transferable to another school?

Unless otherwise specified, the scholarships are only available to attend CSN.

The application asks for my GPA, what should I write?

The scholarships on the application require your most recent CSN GPA. We will use your Fall cumulative GPA (or most recent CSN GPA) to verify your eligibility. If you do not have a CSN GPA then you are not eligible for these scholarships at this time.